Stranded by a washed-out road, you find yourself on a quest for answers, exploring every shadowy nook of the eerie Blackwood Manor and its neglected grounds through a user-friendly point-and-click interface. This popular atmospheric mystery adventure game for PC now offers an alternate ending and an additional two hours of gameplay in a new chapter, filled with spine-chilling twists and shocking revelations.
Immerse yourself in a chilling Gothic atmosphere as you navigate the haunting secrets of a secluded Victorian mansion. Uncover a long-forgotten tale from the past that haunts the present, with a blend of puzzles involving inventory items and deductive reasoning. Non-linear gameplay, intricate visuals, an engaging storyline, and a captivating soundtrack all come together to draw you deep into this eerie and enigmatic world.

Alternative original ending

Exciting new chapter! Before Blackwood Manor is demolished, a reporter sneaks inside the manor to gather clues about the mystery…but what he will find is a terrifying surprise!

New clues to understanding the story

+ New revealing thoughts from the main character in “Michael’s Diary”

Higher supported resolution

New default control method with fixed mouse, FPS-like movement

+ Scratches: Director’s Cut Update News – Posted to FAQ

 May 23, 2007 – Sratches: Director’s Cut Ships to Retail! – Read the press release here

 March 16, 2007 – Got Game Entertainment Scratches and Cuts North America with Scratches: Director’s Cut – Read the press release here
+ “…should be on the shelf of any gamer out there…one classic piece of Adventure gaming…Final Grade: A”
– Just Adventure (Original Scratches)

This is a game whose story will cause you to think and ponder, similar to a good game of chess. Add an exquisite underscore, unnerving sound effects by Cellar of Rats, hauntingly lyrical pre-rendered ba
ckdrops by Alejandro Graziani, and reasonably logical puzzles that sneak up on you,  and we have the makings of a true horror classic  — one to be cherished for years to come…
Grade: A+ “
– GameBoomers 
(Original Scratches)

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